A gift from the bees!

Let Your Skin Glow during winters with Honey

20th January 2016

Celebrations have begun & we are sure your Facebook wall is already flooded with notifications of people getting married, celebrating anniversaries and birthdays. But there is one thing that stands between you and the celebrations - dull &lifeless winter skin. Don’t you wish that you had that summer glow even in the winter?

Well, wish granted. There is no magic spell involved, just a little bit of honey. Yes, honey. With its great antibacterial properties, honey helps sooth, heal and nourish your skin, leaving it soft and glowing, even in the winters. Here are some ways honey can help you be the star of any event this winter.

Prevents acnes at your Best Friend’s Shaadi :

Acne’s have the bad habit of popping up just before important occasions, like your best friend’s shaadi. Your skin becomes dehydrated during the winters, leading to an outbreak of acne. Apply a little honey on the affected area for a few days. It will sooth the skin and make the acne disappear faster, leaving you fresh faced and ready to shine at the sangeet.


Hides Blemishes before an anniversary party :

The cold weather also causes more blemishes on your otherwise flawless skin. And you just can’t afford to let those blemishes ruin your look at your brother’ sanniversary party. As an excellent bleaching agent, honey helps you get rid of those blemishes and makes scars fade away quickly. So that in no time you will be back to being in the spotlight.


Look ageless at your friend’s birthday :

Of course you love cake and celebrating your friend’s birthdays. But thinking about your own skin ageing is a scary thought. Winters can be particularly harsh as it makes your skin age faster. But you can fight lines and wrinkles with honey’s antioxidant properties. Apply a coat of lemon and honey to your skin, keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. Do this 3 times a week and you will look younger and feel younger too.


Get Soft lips for the perfect engagement selfie :

Your cousin is getting engaged, and that means lots and lots of selfies. But what do you do when the cold ruins your pout and leaves your lips dry. Mix 1 tsp raw honey, brown sugar and some lemon juice to make an all-natural lip scrub. It will leave your lips soft and give you the perfect pout for an engagement selfie.


Feel relaxed before dinner with cousins :

Your busy social life will definitely leave you tired, and no time to hang out with your cousins. You finally made dinner plans with them, but the winter chill is leaving your skin dry and cracked. Use honey to ensure that you are relaxed and get your glowing skin back in time for your evening out. Mix 2 spoons of honey in your bath water and let it soak into your skin. It will hydrate your skin and leave it soft and glowing.
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