5 Stylish Ways to Wear A Scarf

3rd December 2014

Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, we're sure you agree that scarves never go out of style! Available in an innumerable range of fabrics, patterns, designs, colors and lengths, this is one accessory that you can never go wrong with. For those of you who've not really experimented with different scarf-draping styles, it's a great time to begin now. We bring forth to you, 5 exceedingly stylish ways to wear a scarf.

The Classic Wrap Style

Ideal for small and medium length scarves, this is the most popular way of wearing a scarf. All you need to do is to wrap the scarf to the front of your neck. Thereon take the two ends across in opposite directions and bring them back to the front. Now tie a loose knot in the front of your neck. You have now mastered the classic wrap style!


The Chic Winter Look for Long Scarves

Very often, woolen scarves and knitted scarves are quite high on length and you might feel clueless on how to drape it around your neck without appearing messy. Here's a neat and trendy way to drape a long scarf around your neck. You need to begin by folding the scarf lengthwise into half and then draping it from the back of your neck. Pull out one open end and insert it into the loop of the other end. Now twist the loop so that you can pull in the other end as well. You are almost done now. All you need to do is tug and adjust the length to snugly fit around your neck.


The Floral Halter-top Style

When in the mood to go on an experimenting spree with your clothing and accessories, try the Floral Halter-top Style for Scarf-draping. Here you need to get hold of a long floral scarf. Hold it lengthwise behind your neck and let it fall across both your shoulders equally. Take the two inner ends and drape them outwards across your chest and cross them once again till the ends reach the back of your neck. Tie a firm knot. Team this up with a halter bra and your favorite pair of jeans, and you are good to go out on a warm summer day!


The Bohemian Bun or Pony

Pull you hair up to make a high pony tail or rough bun. Use a short satin scarf to tie it around with a single knot at the bottom. You've sported the bohemian bun or pony look!


The Fan Style

For long scarves, the fan style is really fantastic! Start with placing the scarf behind your neck with one end longer than the other. Take the ends behind in opposite directions to create a loop. Now fan out the longer end beautifully and tuck it into the loop. Yet another creative style to show off your new scarf!