5 Interesting Ways to Tie Long Hair

10th February 2015

Maintaining long tresses is certainly not easy, especially considering the amount of time you need to devote towards brushing, combing and styling it. And to avoid entangling, we're sure you end up tying it in a bun or braid most of the time. But for all you Rapunzels out there, there are so many creative ways of styling and tying it up on your own!

So take a look at these 5 interesting ways of tying long hair to flaunt a new stylish look everyday!


The Bohemian Hair Tie

Use a scarf to create an ultra-chic look; start by making one lengthwise fold on the scarf and proceed to wrapping it behind your head by taking the loose ends forward and around the top of your head. With a few inches of loose ends remaining, braid your hair, fold it circularly and tie the end along with the scarf ends.


The Bang Braid Pony

Flaunt your lovely bangs and long hair with this classic hairdo. Start by mildly wetting your hair, taking your bangs in front of your hair and combing it down well. Next, hold the middle portion of your bangs backwards and tie a firm pony, followed by braiding it. Similarly braid both the side bangs and finally tie your hair in a high pony. This suave look will have heads turning for sure!


Fish Braid with French Braid

We're all familiar with tying a French braid, which is one of the most preferred options of tying up long hair. But combining it with a fish braid makes it all the more interesting! This involves dividing your hair into two unequal portions. While you tie a French braid on the side with more hair, the other side be tied into a neat fish braid and pinned backwards. Wear this super-cute look sideways to look like a charm!


Triple Twist

This is a really innovative and hassle-free hairdo for long hair, and it doesn't take long! All you need to do is to brush your hair well and divide it neatly into three sections. Now twist each of these sections into tiny buns and secure them with tiny buns at the nape of your neck, and you're good to go!


Double-Braid Bun

For all those with really thick and unruly hair, this way of tying it is highly recommended. Commence by dividing your hair into two equal sections and making two braids till half the length. But instead of tying them up, take the free ends upwards and make a bun on top of your head. Not only is this quick and easy, it's a beautiful way of flaunting your long tresses!