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Wish to Sport a Unique Look Every day? Try These 5 Easy Styles of Applying Kaajal

3rd December 2014

We're sure you agree that not only are your eyes the mirror of your soul, they also happen to be one of your most impactful facial features. Not to forget, even slight variations in your eye makeup can create varied and interesting looks to suit different instances and occasions. Applying Kaajal is one of the most popular ways of beautifying your eyes, and we're sure you are going to love these 5 unique and easy styles of applying Kaajal.

The Classic Lower Waterline Look

For the days when you are in a hurry, and need to liven up your sleepy-looking eyes, a classic stroke of kaajal on your lower waterline can go a long way in imparting a well-defined and intense look in a matter of seconds! All you need to do is to gently pull your lower eyelid and apply the kaajal pencil from one end to the other of your lower waterline.
Tip: Refrain from over-application, since this area is very prone to smudging, and applying more than what is required will create a smudged, and untidy look. Despite being the most common way of applying kaajal, this classic look never fails to impress!


The Formal Upper Waterline Stroke

Need a formal chic look for an official gathering, meeting or interview? You will be amazed at the sheer elegance of this upper waterline stroke! Not only is it a quick and minimalistic style, it looks wonderfully classy as well!
Tip: Be careful not to create very thick line, and just use one or two sharp strokes to create this chic formal look. This method is also often referred to as tight-lining, wherein you partially close your upper lid to draw a line that perfectly outlines your upper waterline. Use a well-sharpened kaajal pencil for this style of application.


The Mesmerizing 'Smoky' Look

Don't we all love the hot smoky kohl look? For a party or a fun night out, this look is always in great vogue! Lest we forget, it also works well with all types of complexions, eye colours and sizes, thereby making it all the more popular.
Tip: Draw a line of medium thickness aligning your upper waterline, and thereon use a q-tip with a bit of Vaseline to smudge the kaajal outwards, all the while ensuring that it remains darkest towards the inner edge and lightest towards the outer edge of your upper eyelid.


The Dramatic 'Winged' Kaajal Effect

Have you noticed that winging your eyes makes them appear bigger, brighter, and create a dramatic and almost regal look? The 'Winged' Look is achieved when you extend the stroke of kaajal outwards, upwards in case you are winging the lower eyelid and downward as far as the upper eyelid is concerned. Do remember us when you bask in the appreciative glances from onlookers!


The Bold Double-Lined Way of Application

Who doesn't admire almond shaped eyes? Yet another very popular way of highlighting your eyes is by using kaajal on your upper as well as lower waterline to create a bold, almond-shaped outline for your lovely eyes. Try it for yourself!