5 Natural Ingredients to Use for Flawless Skin

27th November 2014

Do you believe that attaining the much-coveted, ‘flawless skin’ is a long and arduous process, akin to running a marathon? Are you spending exorbitant sums of money on expensive ‘do-it-all’ cosmetic products? If your answer is yes, we suggest that you get rid of these misconceptions at the earliest! Its best to understand that the non-negotiable four pillars of flawless skin consists of a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, regular sleep and the use of natural skincare products. So instead of stressing yourself with a cumbersome skin care regime, or foraging the market for the right cosmetic cure, adopt a holistic diet, work out regularly, sleep well and pay heed to your Granny’s age-old advice about natural ingredients for skin care!

Yoghurt :

Did you know that the regular use of yoghurt can effectively counter a number of skin issues such as acne, premature wrinkles, sun burns, dark circles and so on? And that’s not all. Yoghurt has also been used as an excellent moisturising, bleaching and anti-ageing product since time immemorial. While its zinc content can aid in warding off pimples, the lactic acid has an exfoliating and whitening effect. Quite a lot of benefits from a single ingredient, isn’t it?
Tip: In case your skin tends to get excessively dry, especially during winters, a yoghurt-honey face pack can wonderfully hydrate your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. To get rid of a sun burn, scrub your skin gently with a mixture of yoghurt, cucumber and oatmeal, and rub an ice cube over it later.


Green Tea :

Sipping on your refreshing morning cuppa? Save the used tea bags for a change; we tell you why. Researchers from across the world are advocating the myriad advantages of incorporating green tea not only in your diet, but also as part of home remedies for skin care.
Tip: Instead of dumping used green tea bags, stack them in your freezer and place the ice-cold tea bags on your eyes for just 10 minutes every day to get rid of puffiness and dark circles!
P.S- The antioxidant-rich, green tea concoction dabbed on your skin can also act as an effective shield against ailments like skin cancer and skin infections.


Lemon :

Your taste buds might love lemonade, but your skin and hair love lemons even more—they have an amazing range of beauty benefits. The sunny yellow fruit, rich in Vitamin C, is a great natural whitening and skin nourishing agent.
Use it as a Clarifying moisturizer: Mix a few drops of coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice. The coconut will hydrate your skin, and lemon will clear and brighten it.
The perfect Elbow and knee bleacher: If your elbows and knees appear dark, simply rub them with half of a lemon. It's like magic!


Mint Leaves :

Though mint is used in various forms in cooking, not many people are aware that mint is a great herb for curing many of your skin related problems. This herb is a great way of soothing and looking after your skin, without any side effects and with guaranteed results. Here are a few ways in which you can use the mint plant for your skin:
Mint is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, using mint juice on the skin can help soothe mosquito bites and other irritations. It also helps to soften and calm dry or itchy skin.
Apply a paste of mint leaves on blackhead-affected areas and wash off after 15 minutes. Using mint for skin helps in getting rid of blackheads too.


Honey :

Touted as one of the best natural moisturizing products, the gentle goodness of honey will not only give you a nourished and blemish-free skin, but a glowing complexion as well. Not to forget, this ambrosial sweetening agent also functions very well in keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay, and has been a part of most therapeutic skin treatments since ancient times.
Tip: Pamper your dry skin with a milk and honey, or olive oil and honey face pack for intensive nourishment.